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Postal Issues

Over the last few days we have become aware that some Entrants have been asked to pay an additional postal fee for their CD only packages. In some cases, they have also had to travel not insignificant distances to collect their package from a not so local Post Office.

We are horrified that this has happened and apologise unreservedly.

All the messages received to date (13 of the 321 CD only packages sent out) have been understanding and principally wanted to let us know of the issue. For your understanding we thank you.

We are hoping that the fact that we have received only a few emails means that many CDs (posted 15th January) have been received without an issue, although we are aware that this may be optimistic.

Rest assured we did not intend to cause this issue. All the packages were put through a Post Office under supervision of the Post Master and we affixed the postage they recommended. We used standard envelopes and the weight and size was confirmed acceptable. In our view we approached the mailing of this responsibly at the Post Office ensuring we paid what we understood to be the correct fee.

It appears, from a conversation with the Post Office recently, that now the Post Office has split into Post Office Counters and Royal Mail, the size check occurs not only at the Post Office Counter but also while in transit. Thus one organisation can accept the package at one rate and the other organisation can reject the same package. We have had messages indicating different issues - ie one said the size was ok and but not the thickness while another said the thickness was ok but the not size. One even challenged the additional fee at the Post Office and it was demonstrated that although the envelope failed in one direction, it passed in the other (there was a slight projection of the flap). That person had the additional fee waived.

What is clear to us now is that the standard envelope we used was close to the limits. Now we are aware just how fickle this is, we will use a different arrangement next year. However I am going to make a complaint to both Post Office Counters and Royal Mail as I find this situation unacceptable.

Once again, we offer our apologies and very much appreciate those who took the time to warn us and let us know your findings. It has helped us understand the situation a little better. 

Yours faithfully

The Frome Salon of Photography Committee