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Sponsored by the Frome Wessex Camera Club

 A member of the British Photographic Exhibition Circuit (B.P.E.)

Our 2014 (3rd) National Salon of Photography, is now closed for entries.

The club would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who entered the Salon and congratulate those whose images were selected for the Salon and particularly those commended or who won medals.


Scorecards have been emailed to entrants. 
 Medals, Certificates and CDs were dispatched to successful entrants by 19th January 2015. 

The Digital Classes for 2014 were:

·            Colour Open

·            Monochrome Open

·            Scapes  (Land, Sea, Air, City, Town, Macro)

·            Nature Open

·            Creative Open

We were proud to have obtained the following selectors for the 2014 Salon:-

·            Glyn Edmunds APSA, EPSA, EFIAP/s, ABIPP

·            Peter Gennard  MFIAP, EFIAP/p

·            David Butler  MFIAP, ARPS, PSA5, BPE5

Description: Z:\Photography\FWCC Salon FSOP 2014\Results CD\©DJChedgy Photography_FSOP Judges 2014_LR Peter Gennard_Glyn Edwards and David Butler_97A8040.jpg


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The Frome Salon of Photography offers awards to Frome Wessex Camera Club members in addition to the overall Salon awards. Shown here are those acceptances.
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2014 Salon Frome Wessex Camera Club Entries

2014 Scape images from FSOP for FWCC Members
2014 Mono Images from FSOP for FWCC Members
2014 Creative images from FSOP for FWCC Members
2014 Nature images from FSOP for FWCC Members
2014 Open Images from FSOP for FWCC Members