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2017 Frome Festival pictures by club members



sponsored by the Frome Wessex Camera Club

 A member of the British Photographic Exhibition Circuit (B.P.E.)

Thank you very much for inviting me as part of a very experienced team to select your first British Photographic Exhibition, I really enjoyed looking at the images. The standard was very high, some of the top images would not look out of place at an International photographic exhibition, and of course there were a limited number of images that could be selected for the exhibition. This also applies to the awards that could be chosen, and the selectors took a long time choosing the top images. Despite being a new exhibition there was a lot of new work, however there was quite of number of old images that had been accepted and won awards in other BPE exhibitions. The standard in the Creative section was particularly high. Some of the mono images despite being of a good quality may have worked better as a colour image. I would like to thank the Committee of the Frome Wessex Salon of Photography for their superb hospitality, and the other selectors for making the weekend so enjoyable. Colin HarrisonFRPS FBPE MFIAP EFIAP/s MPAGB FIPF  Thank you for entering our 2nd National Salon of PhotographyTThe 2nd National Salon of Photography,


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The selectors were


Russell Lindsay, MPAGB, AFIAP, FBPE 

Barbie Lindsay, MPAGB, AFIAP, EFIAP/s, FBPE 


This was a Digital Projection Exhibition and the categories were:-






Frome Wessex 2013 Winners

Within these pages are images of Frome Wessex Camera Club Members receiving their awards from entering the Salon.



                                          Greg Duncan


                                   Valerie Duncan





                                                Patrrick Emery



        Bill receiving the award for Margaret Aven