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Our programme includes:Bob Sale by David Chedgy

  • Speakers on photography and related subjects
  • Photoshop/activity evenings
  • Outings
  • Critique nights
  • Internal club comptetitions
  • External competitions (battles) against other clubs
  • A Camera fair held twice yearly in April and November 

Although we are called a Camera Club - don't be alarmed - we don't have the image that is conjured up by the words 'Camera Club'.

We are very much into the digital age and as well as traditional photography, the members really engage with digital manipulation.
There is room for both.

We don't give direct instruction in photography, but we do have specific critique evenings and Photoshop evenings sharing our techniques, and there is a wealth of knowledge within the club, that you can draw on.

The membership fee is £35 per annum for adults and £15 per annum for juniors. Juniors are defined as 16 plus and must be accomanied by an adult until the age of 18.
Where else can you get such value? So come and meet us on a Friday evening from September through to May

Non Members are welcome to our 'Speakers' evenings for £4.00 per visit


Frome Wessex Camera Club History
Frome Wessex Camera Club roots stem from the days of Club Canon back in 1984 when Canon encouraged and sponsored keen photographers to form local groups throughout the country. The support from Canon in those days was minimal, but it did provide technical support for meetings and published a quarterly magazine called “Focus” which advertised the local groups contact details and their various activities. The magazine was also a platform for both local group competitions and members photographs.   As a result a small number of keen Canon Camera users got together in the Frome area and started a local Club Canon Group. Most of these founder members are still enthusiastic members of our club today.
During 1987 Canon decided to stop supporting these local groups so existing members of the Frome group decided to continue to run the club and rename it “Frome Wessex Camera Club”. The reason for inclusion of Wessex was to negate any confusion between the other club in town namely  “Frome Selwood Camera Club”.
A club program was soon arranged and as this coincided with joining the WCPF we were able to hold our own competitions/lectures and call upon a range of listed speakers and judges. We continued as a very small club for the next ten years or so struggling to exceed our membership beyond fifteen. Our meeting place was at the Packhorse Inn Frome. We were always indebted to the landlord who very kindly allowed us to meet fortnightly, there being no charge for the room.
The club endorsed digital imaging at a very early stage during 1996 and soon had new members wishing to join our club. The Packhorse meeting room was fine for a small club but due to a growing membership we started to out grow the venue, so a move to Beckington Memorial Hall seemed a good idea. Due to it’s excellent location this venue has allowed the club to encourage membership from a wider geographical area as can be seen from the club membership listing.
Club Constitution