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2017 Frome Festival pictures by club members



Frome Wessex Camera Club is affiliated to the PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain), through the WCPF (Western Counties Photographic Federation)  and this gives us a wider area in which to compete, exhibit and apply for distinctions.

Some competitions we can enter as a club, and others are as individuals, and the following lists some detail. For exact dates of competitions visit our what's on page

WCPF Competitions

February annually a Digital Projected Image Competition is held - this is a club competition, where usually 20 images are submitted to battle against other clubs in the WCPF.

March annually entries are submitted into the Members' Exhibition - a competition for individuals. there are 3 print sections in which to enter, Monochrome Prints, Colour Prints and Nature. In the Projected Image there are 3 sections - General, Nature and Creative. The entries are judged and the selected images are exhibited later in the year.

March annually is the 'Knightshayes Trophy Competition' - a competition for individuals to enter up to 2 prints to compete against others from within the Federation. This competition has a set subject and prints must not be more than 2 years old.   

April annually an AV (Audio Visual Competition) is held where sequences of digital images are put to music with various time limits on the lengths of the sequences. This is a competition for individuals.

November annually The Kingswood Salver Competition - a club competition, where a panel of 5 prints are entered against other clubs.

PAGB Competitions

February annually GB Cup - a club competition which is open to large and small clubs in separate categories. The entries are digitally projected and make up a club panel. 

Obtaining Distinctions.

PAGB distinctions.

The PAGB have a system that allows members of affiliated Photographic Clubs/Societies to gain three Awards that reflect increasing levels of performance within Amateur photography.  This system operates within a framework of demonstrated support for the Federation of which the Club is a member 

The Awards are at  “CPAGB” level (Credit), “DPAGB” (Distinction) and “MPAGB” (Master).
Adjudications are held twice yearly, usually April and November.

To find out more details on how to obtain these distinctions, go to the WCPF web site or click here.



The Royal Photographic Society,  RPS  Distinctions


The RPS have three levels of distinctions which can be obtained and they are are follows:-


The Licentiateship (LRPS) is normally the entry level Distinction and is awarded for a good level of basic skill and competence.

The Associateship (ARPS) is awarded for a high standard of technical competence and individual creative ability.

The Fellowship (FRPS) is awarded for exceptional standards of excellence and distinguished ability. You need have an ARPS or FBIPP before you can apply for the FRPS.

For more information click on the individual distinctions above or for general information click here.


"The BPE exists to encourage photographers to enter exhibitions and to recognize successful entrants via the issue of the Crown Awards photographic distinctions. Exhibition members share ideas, promote each other's exhibitions and generally work together to promote competitive photography." For more BPE information, click

The BPE currently consists of 21 members exhibitions. These are organised by either a single photographic club or by a number of clubs in the same geographical area.

Exhibitions in Date Order showing Class, Closing Date (Month), Contact for Entry Form


Exhibitions in Date Order showing Class, Closing Date (Month), Contact for Entry Details
Note: the list of exhibitions is not for a specific year, but runs from year to year for the month shown

(list last updated 12/05/16)

Clay Cross National Projected Image Exhibition
Digital Projection 5
Queries 01623 411407

Southport National Open Exhibition of Photography 
Prints 3 / Digital Projection 3 
Queries 07764 231166 / 07951 130154 / 01704 224600


Solihull Open Exhibition of British Photography
Prints 3 / Digital Projection 4
Jim Hiscox Tel: 0121 708 0249


Vale of Evesham National Photographic Exhibition
Digital Projection 4 
Queries 01386 556746


Basingstoke Camera Club Exhibition
Digital Projection 5

South Birmingham Open Digital Exhibition
Digital Projection 4



Robin Hood Open Digital Exhibition
Digital Projection 6 
Neath & District PS Salon
Digital Projection 4

Rushden Open Photography Exhibition
Digital Projection 4
Cotswold (Monochrome
Prints Silver 3 / Prints Digital 3
Geoff Camber 01452 612547

Alba Photographic Group
Digital Projection 5 
Lorna McDonald

phone 01445 731068


Winchester National Exhibition
Digital Projection 4
Louise Brown 023 8026 5979

Beyond Group 
Digital Projection 4
SRGB Photo Group - Print Celebration
Prints 5
Dingwall National Projected Image Exhibition 
Digital Projection 4
Shrewsbury Open Photography Exhibition 
Digital Projection 4  (online entries link)
Yardley Photographic Society Exhibition
Prints 4 /  Digital Projection 2
Queries 0121 749 3289
Guernsey Salon of Photography 
Digital Projection 4
Frome Wessex Salon of Photography
Digital Projection 6
Queries Alan Denison ( or text to 07711388631)
Bebington Salon of Photography 
Digital Projection 4 

Click on this link to read advice from Leigh Preston FRPS, EFIAP, MPAGB on how to become more successful in gaining acceptances in Exhibitions and Salons.  Entering Exhibitions 


Useful Abbreviations

The following list explains the abbreviations used in the photographic world.


Western Counties Photographic Federation- Association of most of the Camera Clubs/Photographic societies in the South West.


Photographic Alliance of Great Britain - Alliance of all the Regional Federations/Associations in Great Britain


Royal Photographic Society


Licentiate of the RPS - This is the first level of distinction offered by the RPS. Judged on a panel of 10 prints or slides.


Associate of the RPS - Judged on a panel of 15 prints or slides.


Fellow of the RPS - The highest distinction awarded by the FRPS - Judged on a panel of 20 prints or slides.


Honoury Fellow of the RPS - Awarded for services to the RPS.


Credit from the PAGB - First level of award from the PAGB - Judged from 10 prints, or slides, with a standard of 'Good Club Photography'


Distinction from the PAGB - Judged from 15 prints, or slides, with a standard of 'Open Exhibition Photography'


Master from the PAGB - Highest level of award from the PAGB - Judged from 20 prints, or slides, with a standard of 'The Highest Standard of Amateur Photography'


PAGB award for Meritorious Service. Awarded to persons who have given outstanding service to photographers belonging to member societies of the federations of the PAGB.


British Photographic Exhibitions - Awards given for the number of acceptances gained. BPE1* - 25 acceptances, BPE2* - 50 acceptances, BPE3* - 100 acceptances, BPE4* - 200 acceptances and BPE5* - 300 acceptances.


Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique. Worldwide federation to develop relationships amongst photographers (the PAGB is affiliated to the organisation).


Artist of FIAP - The first level of award FIAP for photographic merit in international competition.


Excellence of FIAP.


Master of FIAP - The highest level of FIAP award for photographic merit in international competition.


Are all FIAP awards for services to FIAP and photography.


Photographic Society of America.


British Institute of Professional Photography - Covers awards such as ABIPP etc




Master Photographers Association - Covers awards such as - LMPA , FMPA etc


Association Of Photographers