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2017 Frome Festival pictures by club members





Results for the Open DI Competition 29th September 2017 P Group   Click to view pictures

Geoff Eynon Power Sliding to Win 19
David Chedgy The Beauty of Dance 18
Tom Fahey Viaduct 18
Alan Denison Grand Jeté 17
Alan Denison Walking Away 17
Loveday Powell Gondolas in Venice 17
David Chown Young Lady of The Long Neck KAREN HILL Tribe (THAILAND) 17
Loveday Powell Venice Lido 16
Mary Maynard Pointing to Orion 16
Andrew de Mora Bringing the Muck Home 16
Andrew de Mora Fairy City 16
David Chedgy Weather 15
Michael Witcombe Amalia 15
Bill Collett M J Fromage 15
Tom Fahey Flying High 15
Phil Taylor Conversation 15
Stewart Yeo Water Lily 15
Mary Maynard Swimming at the Old Copper Mine 15
Michael Witcombe Laura 14
Bill Collett Pole Dancer 14
Phil Taylor Old Remedies 14
David Chown Young Boy of The AKHA Tribe (NORTHERN THAILAND) 14
Davina Chedgy Fields at Seatoller 14
Davina Chedgy Francesco 14
Andrew Washington Somerset Steam Railway 14
Tim Beale Pozo 14
Geoff Eynon Looking Towards Scolpaig Tower Outer Hebrides 13
Stewart Yeo Malaysian Brown Wood Owl 13
Andrew Washington Stairway to the Woods 13
Tim Beale Cider Drinker 12

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Results for the Open DI Competition 29th September 2017 C Group Click to view pictures

Huw Alban Autumn Highlight 20
Bill Aven Girls, Girls, Girls 19
Harvard Dallibar Rainy Thoughts 19
Craig Morris Woodland Dawn 18
Craig Morris First Autumn Flame 18
Steve Lewis Harvest Helper 18
Terry Morrow Swiftcurrent Lake - Glacier  National Park 17
Tim Wells Prince William at Westonbirt 17
Tim Wells Late strool at Burnham 17
Deanne Lewis The Lakehouse 17
Niki Odolphie Norma Jean 17
Huw Alban Derwent Water - Dawn 17
Jon Durrant Severn Bridge Sunset 16
Marilyn McCulloch Bee on Blue Flower 16
Gayle Glover Silk Fans 16
Simon Johnson The boats are in 16
Jon Durrant Owl in The Rain 15
Margot Witcombe Ladies at Lacock 15
Keith Kemp Orderly Queue 15
Rosemary Arnold Lost Feet 15
Ricky Anderson Garden Archway 15
Barry Hill Nature calling 15
Barry Hill Maybe Sunshades 15
Lauren Skillman Rustic Red 15
Tom Ward Risky on his bike 15
Tom Ward Fox in the Garden 15
Dave Woods Happy Brian 15
Bill Aven The Net Mender 14
Terry Morrow Frost and Mist 14
Margot Witcombe Musician 14
Marilyn McCulloch Purple Flower 14
Deanne Lewis Mute Swan at Dawn 14
Ian Pearson King Penguin (Aptenodytes Patagonicus) Family 14
Ian Pearson Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia Mydas) 14
Jacqui Bateman Awaiting the Tide 14
Lauren Skillman Fairy Liquid 14
Pippa Hill Beach Tree 14
Dave Woods Nice Light 14
Daria Galik Christmas stars 14
Daria Galik Beckington 14
Steve Lewis Climbing Mount Improbable 14
Simon Johnson Korhaan 14
Keith Kemp Sheeting Down 13
Rosemary Arnold Young Robin 13
Ricky Anderson Beach Craft 13
Gayle Glover Autumn Fairytale 13
Georgia Alban Little Red 13
Georgia Alban Spirit Animal 13
John Skillman Lanzarote pigeon 13
Niki Odolphie Alfreds Tower 12
John Skillman Westminster sunset 12
Pippa Hill Hot Bronze 12
Jacqui Bateman Misty Tropics 11
Harvard Dallibar Birdman 11

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