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Results Gallery 2015 - 16

Award Winners for 2015-16

Best of the Best 2015

From the previous seasons competitions, Members are invited to enter any picture that has come in the top three of that Year. Peter McCloskey FRPS, APAGB was asked to select his favourite three. This year all came from Patrick Emery.

Class P 29.04.16 Street Print

Judged by Adrian Herring DPAGB, ARPS


1 David Chedgy Top Man
2 Samantha Pitt Waiting at the Wharf
3 Phil Taylor Breughel in Bath
4 Geoff Eynon Happy Hour
5 Alan Denison The Hayman
6 Phil Taylor Going Home
7 Loveday Powell The Drab Man
8 David Chedgy The Art of Conversation
9 David Chown Thailand Morning Market
10 Geoff Eynon Generation Gap

Class A 29.04.16 Street Print

Judged by Adrian Herring DPAGB, ARPS


1 Bill Collett Two Dogs, No Home
2 Jon Durrant Look, Dad - It's Me!
3 Davina Chedgy One Man and his Dogs
4 Emma Painter I'd rather walk
5 Bill Collett The Hot Sauasage
6 Tim Wells Maltese Health and Safety
7 Tim Wells Enjoy icecream, anywhere, any age.
8 Brian Sawyer Mum, look at me!
9 Ian Drake "Style, darling, it's all about style."
10 Davina Chedgy "Pussy Rustlers" Buskers

Class B 29.04.16 Street Print

Judged by Adrian Herring DPAGB, ARPS


1 Keith Kemp Ritual Washing
2 Alan Campbell Camilla's Signs
3 Keith Kemp Special Price
4 Robin Ashworth Lagos, Portugal
5 Sam Rowe Homeless
6 Tim Beale Night Shoppers
7 Sam Rowe Havana Old Town
8 Jacqui Howell Waiting for the No.8
9 Alan Campbell Saxophonist
10 Robin Ashworth Last of the Few

Class P 15.04.16 Weather Di

Judged by Huw Alban

1st David Chedgy  Storm Brewing

2nd David Chown  Sri Lankan Morning Storm

3rd Patrick Emery  Emergency Ahead

4th Alan Denison  Becalmed

5th Mary Maynard  Another Rainy Day

6th Sam Pitt  Snow Stops Play

7th Loveday Powell  Felgueiras Lighthouse

8th Geoff Eynon  Waiting for the Next Race

9th Mary Maynard  Snow

10th Phil Taylor  Nearly Home

Class A 15.04.16 Weather DI

Judged by Huw Alban

1st Robin Gregory  A little bit of Snow

2nd Ian drake  Rising Mist at Sunset

3rd Andrew Washington  Snowing at Olies Walk

4th Marleen Moxon  The Shard in the Cloudy Reflections

5th Alison Rowe  Stormy Alps

6th Bill Collett  Storm over the City

7th Andrew Washington  Sunset at Midnight over Lake Sammi Finland

8th Jon Durrant  Mendip Lane

9th Paul Durrant  Wet Night at Bristol Docks

10th Gary Pitt  Surfs Up

Class B 15.04.16 Weather DI

Judged by Huw Alban

1st Deanne Lewis  Rough Seas

2nd Rosemary Arnold  Mediterranean Cirrus Sky

3rd Niki Odolphie  White Southeast 5 to 7 Cyclonic Good

4th Henry Kemp  Sudden Shower

5th Jacqui Howell  Storm on the Levels

6th Nick Bloxham  Classic Dartmoor

7th Jacqui Howell  Summer Sunset

8th Deanne Lewis  Sunlight on a Grey Sky

9th John Snell  Thunderstorm Ahead

10th Alan Campbell  Frosted Berries

Class P 11.03.16 Open Print

Judged by Margaret Collis Hon EFIAP, APAGB, DPAGB, ARPS


1 Chown, David Could be a little Otter in here
2 Pitt, Samantha The Storyteller's Book
3 Emery, Patrick Blackbird Feast
4 Chown, David This is my best side
5 Chedgy, David Dunstanburgh Castle
6 Pitt, Samantha Peregrine Falcon
7 Emery, Patrick The Fairy Pools, Glen Brittle
8 Powell, Loveday Stripy Flower
9 Eynon,Geoff The Approach to Lindisfarne Castle
10 Taylor, Phil Talk-Talk

Class A 11.03.16 Open Print

Judged by Margaret Collis Hon EFIAP, APAGB, DPAGB, ARPS


1 Pitt, Gary Serenity
2 Chedgy, Davina Grandad's Shed
3 Drake, Ian Heron and Roach
4 Durrant, Jon Misty Morning
5 Moxon, Marleen Kimmeridge
6 Pitt, Gary Otter with Catch
7 Wells, Tim Après-Ski
8 Aven, Bill The Wet Hike
9 Collett, Bill Rounding the Bend
10 Whitcombe,Mike Figure Study

Class B 11.03.16 Open Print

Judged by Margaret Collis Hon EFIAP, APAGB, DPAGB, ARPS


1 Lewis, Deanne Supervolito
2 Beale, Tim Self-portrait: A Moment's Thought
3 Rowe, Sam Daydreamer
4 Campbell, Alan Sleeping Beauty, Appledore
5 Arnold, Rosemary Puddle Gear at the Wildlife Centre
6 Ashworth, Robin On Your Bike
7 Wilson, Stan Chinese Lanterns
8 Arnold, Rosemary Cruise Booking-office
9 Ashworth, Robin Tanya
10 Keith Kemp Morris Man

Class P 12.02.16 Open Di

Judged by Huw Alban


1 Pat Emery Egret flying over the somt levels
2 Sam Pitt Bluebell Wood
3 David Chown Morning Bee
4 Phil Taylor Dawn flight
5 Loveday Powell Dunstanburgh Castle
6 Alan Denison Leadenhall market
7 Tom Fahey Artist
8 David Chedgy Artic Tern
9 David Chedgy Unmasked beauty
10 Geoff Eynon Josh Brooks celebrating his win

Class A 12.02.16 Open Di

Judged by Huw Alban


1 Andrew Washington As if
2 Ian Drake Storm Gathering at Clevedon Pier
3 Emma Painter Damn Modern Technology ..Should've bought a Nikon
4 Bill Collett Lifeboat 2
5 Marleen Moxon Barn Owl
6 Emma Painter "M"
7 Jon Durrant Benny
8 Davina Chedgy Monty
9 Bill Collett Red Umbrella
10 Gary Pitt Follow the Leader

Class B 12.02.16 Open DI

Judged by Huw Alban


1 Niki Odolphie Sky dock
2 Deanne Lewis Sand eels where
3 John Snell Tick Patrol
4 David Foreman Barn owl
5 Tim Beale Stewart fish
6 Henry Kemp Basket case
7 Stan Wilson Lift off
8 Stan Wilson Catching up with the news
9 Henry Kemp It's easy
10 Niki Odolphie Defending the coast

Class P 22.01.16 Prints - Shape Form Texture

Judged by Peter Weaver LRPS, CPAGB, APAGB

1 Davidv Chown Seahorse Fern
2 Alan Denison La Sagrada Familia from Organ Pipes to Apse Roof
3 Alan Denison British Museum Great Court at Dusk
4 Geoff Eynon Stairway to Heaven
5 Samantha Pitt Ever-decreasing
6 Tom Fahey Rusty Bolt
7 David Chedgy Fine Art Nude II
8 Loveday Powell African Beauty
9 Phil Taylor Fruit Bowl
10 Phil Taylor Shaggy Inkcap

Class A 22.01.16 Prints Shape Form Texture

Judged by Peter Weaver LRPS, CPAGB, APAGB

1 Paul Durrant The Rough and the Smooth
2 Bill Aven Decaying Tree Stump
3 Gary Pitt Rock Formation
4 Emma Painter Pick-a-Straw
5 Andrew Washington Misty Rocks
6 Bill Collett Fishnet
7 Bill Aven Sunset Ripples
8 Davina Chedgy New Growth
9 Ian Drake Autumn Woodland
10 Jon Durrant Leafy Reflection

Class B 22.01.16 Shape Form Texture Prints

Judged by Peter Weaver LRPS, CPAGB, APAGB

1 Sam Rowe Barbed Cactus Blades
2 Tim Beale Ring in the Stone
3 Keith Kemp Stone and Iron
4 Sam Rowe Granite Water Tank
5 John Snell Low Tide
6 Keith Kemp Rough and Smooth
7 Tim Beale Crystal Ball
8 Deanne Lewis My Furry Friend
9 Robin Ashworth Logs
10 Stan Wilson Study in Stone

Class P Motion DI 13.11.15

Judged by Peter Crane

1 Alan Denison Tempus Fugit
Joint 2nd Loveday Powell Waiting at waterloo Station
Joint 2nd David Chedgy High Flyer
4 Mary Maynard The Golf swing
5 Samantha Pitt Late Night Shoppers
6 Mary Maynard The Lily Opens
7 Samantha Pitt Hitting the Tarmac
8 Tom Fahey Marathon
9 David Chown A Rose in Motion
10 Loveday Powell Merry go round on the Southbank

Class A DI Motion 13.11.15

Judged by Peter Crane


1 Bill Collett Heading for the Line
2 Tim Wells Ours is the Next One
3 Gary Pitt Head in a Spin
4 Gordon Perry Ghost Walk
5 Alison Rowe Drummer
6 Bill Aven The Dancer
7 Emma Painter I Like to Move It
8 Robin Gregory Shakin
9 Bill Aven Watching the Carousel
10 Alison Rowe Salsa


Class B DI Motion 13.11.15

Judged by Peter Crane


1 Stan Wilson Ghost Riders
2 Tim Beale Father and Son
3 David Rowe Bird of Prey
4 Tim Beale Colussus
5 Nicki Odolphie Tick Tock
6 Deanne Lewis Kielder Windmill
7 Henry Kemp Velvet Serenade
8 Geogina Jackman Bonding Warehouse
9 David Rowe Bugatti Veyron
10 Deanne Lewis Windy Day at the Beach


Class P Open Print 23.10.15

Judged by Beryl Heaton EFIAP ARPS CPAGB


1 Mary Maynard Working Late
2 Loveday Powell Petals in Pink
3 Samantha Pitt Cross-country Gallop
4 Patrick Emery Nest-building Grey Heron
5 David Chedgy Last Letter Home
6 Phil Taylor Winter Raiment
7 Alan Denison On the Rocks - "Eddro 111"
8 Patrick Emery Hunting Fox
9 David Chedgy Sycamore Gap
10 Mary Maynard The Way Through
10* Tom Fahey Millennium X-ing


Class A Open Prints 23.10.15

Judged by Beryl Heaton EFIAP, ARPS, CPAGB


1 Andrew Washington Dawn over Dunstanburgh
2 Tim Wells Enjoying a Pint under the Menai Bridge
3 Davina Chedgy Bamburgh Castle
4 Paul Durrant I know my lunch is in here somewhere!
5 Andrew Washington Melting Mer de Glace
6 Mike Witcombe Naiya
7 Gary Pitt Harvest Mouse
8 Tim Wells Stoking-up for Snowden
9 George Iley Time to Go
10 Jon Durrant Kennet & Avon Canal near Claverton


Class B Open Prints 23.10.15

Judged by Beryl Heaton EFIAP, ARPS, CPAGB

1 Georgina Jackman Sit and Bide Awhile
2 Deanne Lewis Morning Light over Dunstanburgh
3 John Snell Blue-headed Agama Lizard
4 Sam Rowe Beggar
5 Stan Wilson Clothes-Peg Maker
6 Rosemary Arnold Bergamot in Full Flower
7 Keith Kemp A Point of View
8 Sam Rowe Dream Car
9 Robin Ashworth Hole in One
10 Tim Beale Centurions in Split

Class P DI Open 02.10.15

Judged by Brian Tarling

1 Patrick Emery  Good Catch

2 Alan Deninson  Twisted Forest

3 Phil Taylor  Hope Farm

4 Phil Taylor  Banded Damiselle

5 David Chedgy  Lansdown Cemetry

6 Tom Fahey  Bridge Support

7 Samantha Pitt  Come on then Duckie

8 Geoff Eynon  Stairs to Heaven

9 Mary Maynard  On Sultan Beach

10 Loveday Powell  Lipstick

Class A DI Open 02.10.15

Judged by Brian Tarling

1 Paul Durrant  Lunchtime

2 Ian Drake  Magical dark Hedges

3 Paul Durrant  I Can See for Miles

4 Bill Collett  Fire Weld

5 Stewart Yeo  Grab it

6 Stewart Yeo  Blue Morpho

7 Andrew Washington  Dunstanburgh Beach

8 Gary Pitt  Lavender Lines

9 Gordon Perry  Root of all Evil

10 Davina Chedgy  Abandoned Workshop

Class B DI Open 02.10.15

Judged by Brian Tarling 

1  Deanne Lewis  Horningsham Bluebells

2  John Snell  Green Backed Heron

3  Georgina Jackman  Dawn on the Levels

4  Tim Beale  Blue Mountain Flower

5  John Snell  Cattle Egret

6  David Rowe  Flypast  

7  Daphne Perkins  A Quarter of the Clock

8  Niki Odolphie  Venitian Street

9  Henry Kemp  Serenade

10  David Rowe  Winners Lap