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2017 Frome Festival pictures by club members



Frome Wessex CC won the annual 'Battle' with Mid Somerset in 2017. Scores were FWCC 494 MSCC 484

The Prints used were as follows:-


Going Home by Phil Taylor 16 points

A Dancer Framed by Alan Denison 18 points

Tufted Ducks Landing by Patrick Emery 16 points

Waiting by Loveday Powell 17 points

Watering Hole by Night by Samantha Pitt 20 points

Keeping Watch by Ian Drake 16 points

Red Deer Stag by Paul Durrant 14 points

42 Poplar Trees by Bill Aven 13 points

Accelerating by Patrick Emery 18 points

The Drab Man by Loveday Powell 18 points

Original Horsepower by Samantha Pitt 15 points

Frosty Morning at Fonthill by Andrew Washington 18 points

Great Crested Grebes in Battle by Andrew Washington 17 points 

Nervion River Crossing by Tom Fahey 14 points


Projected Images used

Bath by Robin Gregory 15 points

Pallas Cat by Samantha Pitt 19 points

Grotto by Georgina Jackman 16 points

Senanque Abbey by Bill Aven 17 points

Greylag Reflecting by Paul Durrant 16 points

High Tide at Severn Bridge by Patrick Emery 14 points

Young Love by Georgina Jackman 16 points

Getting Wet by Robin Gregory 16 points

One Man and his Dogs by Bill Aven 14 points

French Fishing Platform by Patrick Emery 17 points

Soft Sale by John Hoskins 19 points

Winter Morning by Georgina Jackman 15 points

Red Deer Stag, Bellowing by Paul Durrant 17 points

Pas de Couru by Alan Denison 19 points

Grey Heron, Early Morning Flight by Patrick Emery 16 points