Results of the 9th March  Open Print Competition 

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2017 Frome Festival pictures by club members



The pictures below were our entry for the WCPF DPIC on the 5th February 2017 at the Corn Exchange in Exeter. Scores are shown to the right of the photgraphers name.
The WCPF were sponsored by Fotospeed who were there on the day with their products displays.     


  A Dancer Framed by Alan Denison - 10 points

        Bittern over the Somerset Levels by Patrick Emery - 11 points

        Fire Drill by Samantha Pitt - 11 points

        French Fishing Platform by Patrick Emery - 10 points

        Going for it by Tim Wells - 11 points

        Greater Double Collard Sunbird by John Snell - 11 points

        Gull Impression by Bill Aven - 9 points

        High Tide at Sunset at the Severn Bridge by Patrick Emery - 12 points

        One Man and his Dogs by Bill Aven - 8 points

        Pas de Couru by Alan Denison - 12 points

        Pink Dahlia by Loveday Powell - 9 points

        Red Deer Stag by Paul Durrant - 12* points

        Rutting Red Deer Stag by Patrick Emery - 11 points

        Shoulder of Support by Samantha Pitt - 12 points

        Sky on Fire, South Stack Lighthouse by Alan Denison - 9 points

        Street Urchins by Samantha Pitt - 12 points

        The Drab Man by Loveday Powell - 10 points

        Waiting by Loveday Powell - 10 points