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Our programme includes external competitions (Battles) with other clubs.  This always adds a degree of extra excitement to the evenings! 


This year the battles are with:


Mid Somerset (Glastonbury club) Battle at Glastonbury

Competition date TBC

Three Way Battle (Frome Wessex, Frome Selwood and Norton-Radstock)

Competition date is Wednesday 25th April 2018 at Beckington Hall


Warminster Battle

Competition date is 16th March 2018  This will be held at Warminster


Submission of entries for Battles

·         Any member can put forward images for these competitions.  They are then reviewed by our selection committee who decide which will go into the competition to represent the club.  

·         In general rules for submission of images to external competitions are the same as for internal club competitions.  If there is anything specific which is different, we will let members know. 

Prints to be handed to Keith Kemp and

Digital images should be emailed to fwccbattles@gmail.com. Digital images for  battles must comply with standard club rules for size (max 1400 pixels wide, 1050 pixels high maximum). Note that Portrait format images must not be more than 1050 pixels high maximum. 


How to submit your images for the Photography News Competition


Below was the criteria for submitting images for selection for a recent 'Battle' This criteria will form the basis of future submissions but will be clarified from battle to battle.

                                                   Please use it as a guide to start with

Members are invited to submit up to 5 digital images to be selected for the Calne Camera Club Annual MultiClub Digital Image Photography Battle.  Photographers of all levels of experience are encouraged to enter and all images will be considered for the club’s selection of their permitted 8 individual entries. Members may only enter their images on behalf of one Club

Please send your images for selection no later than 2400 on 27th October to fwccbattles@gmail.com. They should be in the same format as for our club competitions i.e. in small jpeg format but in sRGB at 300dpi. Landscape formats should be no more than 1400 pixels wide x 1050 high and portrait formats should be no larger than 1050 pixels high. These will be about 1 MB in size.

If in any doubt, check our club website: http://www.fromewessexcameraclub.co.uk/> Competitions > Competitions Rules > Digital Images. Help is also available with resizing: http://www.fromewessexcameraclub.co.uk/> Info > Instructions on resizing your digital images.


NameImage files in order of preference (01 or 02) followed by a space then a short title, finishing with underscore _ and the photographer’s name:                                   e.g. 01 The Beginning_Harry Bloggs        02 The End_Harry Bloggs


Inter Club Competitions

Warminster Multi Club Prints 2015

Battle with Mid Somerset 2015

Judged by John Bjerfelt LRPS

Various competitions are entered into from our club. To show the positions and scores, see the results here.


At the Annual Warminster Multi Club Print competition on the 7th February 2017 FWCC came 2nd To Devizes by 5 points We scored 174 they scored 180


Scores out of 20


The General Store                 Davina Chedgy 18
Dark Secret                            Robin Gregory 20
Out Of The Mist                              Pat Emery 18
Black Widow                             David Chedgy 15
Dancer On The Street           Loveday Powell 18
Bovine Study                               Sam Pitt 19
Blind Date                               Robin Gregory 20
A Splash Of Red                      Mary Maynard 13
Salisbury Cathedral                      Pat Emery 16
Last Light                                David Chedgy 17
                                                    Total 174

Competition Judged by John Tilsley ARPS, DPAGB, APAGB


The other clubs scored total points as follows:
1st – Devizes – 180
2nd – Frome Wessex – 175
3rd – Norton Radstock – 163
4th – Calne – 162
5th – Warminster – 159
6th – Trowbridge – 156
7th – Salisbury – 153





MID SOMERSET scored      179 for prints,  181 for digital images

FROME                                  178 for prints,  178 for digital images

Samantha Pitt had best FWCC score of 20/20 with “Bovine Study”

Last Light                      16
Bovine Study               20
Dark Secret                 17
Blind Date         18
Breeding Gannets      19
Kimmeridge Bay    16
The Inner Poppy     17
Lone Windsurfer     18
Salisbury Cathedral     19
The General Stores    18
 TOTAL                                                                        178
Fashion Passion               17
Frome Townscape               17
Intensity                           18
Mating Beetles                     18
Oxo Tower View                   17
Point-to-Point                     19
Royal Clipper                  17
Seascape at Kimmeridge      18
Selfie                             20
Wrecked Remains                17
TOTAL                            178

Warminster v Frome Wessex

13th March 2015

Frome won by 3 points


Warminster Scored         262 Prints & 267 for Digital Images

Frome Wessex Scored   267 for Prints & 265 for Digital Images

Individual scores for Frome Wessex

Bill Aven Millau Vialduct 19
David Chedgy Last Light 18
Davina  Chedgy Parrog Beach 16
Alan Denison Royal Vlipper 19
Jon Durrant Frosty Morning 19
Pat  Emery Looking for somewhere to  land 20
Tom Fahey Manicured 16
Robin  Gregory Blind Date 17
Mary Maynard Inner Poppy 15
Sam Pitt Bovine Study 16
Loveday Powell Dancer on the Street 17
Aliosn  Rowe The Gower 18
Phil Taylor Bridget 80-18 18
Ian Thomson Luskentyre Rock 20
Andrew Washington Mer de Glace 19
TOTAL     267
?? ?? Selfie 16
?? ?? Port and Stilton 18
?? ?? Still Death 15
Alan Denison Houses of Parliament 19
Andrew Washington Seascape Kimmeridge 20
David Chown Angel 17
Davina  Chedgy General Stores 17
Duncan Steward Church Mountain Winter 18
Dvid  Chedgy Fashion Passion 17
Ian  Drake Intensity 18
Pat  Emery Courting Gannets 19
Paul Durrant Father and Son 17
Robin  Gregory Blue Angel 18
Roger Hayman Courtney Pine 17
Sam Pitt Point to Point 19
TOTAL     265
Grand Total     532


Annual Tri Battle with Frome Selwood and Norton Radstock

24th April 2015

Judged by Eddy Lane ARPS, DPAGB, AFIAP


  Frome Selwood Norton Radstock Frome Wessex
Digital 31 28 34
Prints 31 30 34
Total 62 58 68