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2017 Frome Festival pictures by club members




Please go to the appropriate section and read carefully as if your entries do not comply with the rules they may be rejected from the competitions. If you need assistance please ask one of the committee, or a more experienced member of the club.


New Scoring System effective from September 2017

1. Members can enter up to 2 prints or digital images into each internal club competition. 

2.  Members in all groups can enter print images up to size A3.

2. Any image/print which has received a score of 20, 19 or 18 of an internal club competition cannot be entered in any other internal club competition (it can be entered in external competitions).

3. For the purposes of the league tables, images will be marked out of 20 points and members will only be awarded the points gained for the higher scoring of the 2 images/prints; i.e. no points are awarded for the lower scoring image/print.

4. As a member of the club, at the beginning of the year you will only be able to submit images/prints into the Club Group. You can only move into the Premier Group upon promotion at the end of the season (i.e. being in the top 5 of Club Group).  Demotion to Club Group from Premier Group at the end of the season if in the bottom 5 placings.

5. You no longer receive points for entering your prints or digital files in the league tables.

In the event of a tie at the end of the season the average higher score will be used to establish the winner.

Note. - In the unlikely event that images/prints submitted for competitions are lost and not included in the competition; at the end of the season the competitor’s scores will be totaled and their average score added to their end-of-year score.


Prints  Print Competition Secretary is  Rosemary Arnold (co-opted) fwccprints@gmail.com

1. All prints to be mounted on board, 500mm x 400mm
Note. - The club purchases boards in bulk and Members can buy these for £1.25 per board from David Chedgy.

2. Labels for the back of the board can be downloaded here - Labels

3. Enter your Group (Premier or Club), Competition Title and date, Membership number (shown on your membership card)  mark 1 or 2 to show your preference of order.
Note. When submitting prints for internal competitions idealy please send an electronic copy (1400 x 1050) to fwccprints@gmail.com (this will make record keeping and web hosting easier). We would however like electronic images for the top 10 of each group ASAP after the competitions for the purposes of the website.

4. No name to be shown anywhere on the print or mount

5. Place the Prints into the appropriate boxes on the advised club night. Please add you name and number of prints on the accompanying list.


Digital Images  Digital Competition Secretary is Mary Maynard fwccdigital@gmail.com

1. Images to be no greater than 1400 pixels wide and 1050 pixels high
Note. - Portrait format mages must be no greater than 1050 pixels high

2. Save images as jpg using the highest quality (the club projector uses the sRGB colour space and hence you should save the images using the sRGB colour profile. Other profiles such as Adobe 98 or ProPhoto may result in incorrect display of your images.
Note. - Other file types such as TIFF or PSD will not be accepted

3. Submissions can only be made via email and are not accepted on the night and cannot be made by CD, Flash drive or Memory stick. Please enter the name of the competition in the subject line of your email.
Note. - You will recieve confirmation of your entry

4. Name each file you enter in the following way;- Example below

01_Morning Light_99P.jpg  (For Club group supplement the P for C)


01 or 02 to show your preference of order. Followed with an underscore (not Hyphen)
Title of the image which can contain spaces and hyphens but not underscores. Follow with an underscore
FWCC Membership number (shown on your membership card) plus the relevant Group - P or C (no spaces) 
add .jpg
Note. - There are only 2 underscores in the file name

Note.- To obtain details on resizing you images, click


External Competitions Battle secretary is Keith Kemp fwccbattles@gmail.com


1. Members can enter a maximum of 3 images and prints for submission and will be awarded 1 point for entering and 2 points on images/prints selected for use in Battles. If an image/print obtains top marks during a Battle a further 5 points will be added to that image/print. There will be a years subscription to a Photogrpahy Magazine of choice at the end on the season for the Photographer with the most points accrued.

2. The same specifcation rules apply as for internal club competitions with the exception of the need to inlude your chosen sequence preference.



AV (Audio Visual)

1. Sequence to be no longer than 3 1/2 minutes

2. A total of 1 minute of video could be included either as a continous piece or as several during the AV presentation.

3. If a music licence is not held by the author, then any music used must be 'Royaly Free'. FWCC cannot be held responsible if the author does not adhere to this.