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How to submit your images for the Photography News Competition
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Results of the Scapes Print competition

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Competition subjects for 2017/8 season 
Unusual Perspectives, Curves, Scapes, Diptych or Triptych 
see programme for details 

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2017 Frome Festival pictures by club members



Please check out the printed programme for competition and web site e-mail addresses to send your submissions.


There are two types of competition, internal and external.


Internal club competitions are held during the year.  All members can enter any of these.  Club competitions consist of both print and digital entries.


Some are 'open' (ie there is no set subject), others have a theme which must be reflected in the image entered.  The judge is always external and independent.


The club also holds a number of competitions or "battles" with other local camera clubs.  Any member can put forward images for these competitions.  They are then reviewed by our selection committee who decide which will go into the competition to represent the club.


Before submitting any entries for either internal or external competitions please read the
rules. Failure to comply with these could result in your entry being excluded. For external competitions, there may be other rules which are specific to that particular competition, you will be told about these at the time.  



 How to resize images for digitally projected competitions 

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