Frome Wessex Camera Club was the host for the last battle of the
season on Friday 4th May. This was the Tri-Battle against Frome
Selwood Photographic Club and Norton Radstock Camera Club with the
same 15 subjects contested in both digital and print formats. The
judge was Simon Caplan LRPS who had agreed to judge both sets of
images cold on the evening. He proved to be a shrewd but helpful judge
whose light and witty style contributed greatly to a fun evening. For
this competition marking was simplified to 3 for coming first, 2 for
second and 1 for third.

Each team projected their own digital images onto their own screens to
avoid any calibration mismatches and in this section Frome Wessex
surged ahead with 35 points against Frome Selwood’s 29 and Norton
Radstock’s 26. Some excellent eats were enjoyed in the interval and
many thanks to all members and wives who contributed to this.

In order to ensure anonymity, each category of prints was shuffled and
clubs claimed their prints as they were scored. Time after time,
however, it was David Chedgy calling out ‘Frome Wessex’ as the winner
of each section was announced. Frome Wessex ended up by scoring 34 for
their prints, whilst Frome Selwood and Norton Radstock each got 28.

Despite some strong images from our opposition, the final score
therefore was a convincing win for Frome Wessex on 69 points with
Frome Selwood second on 57 and Norton Radstock third on 54 points.

Thanks are due to the Selection Committee and congratulations to all
participants, especially to members from the club section who made
their own strong contribution to our win.

Digital Image section.


Unusual Perspectives - The Guggenhein Museum, Bilbao by Loveday Powell

Happiness - Girls, Girls, Girls by Bill Aven

Pencils - Colour Pencils by Phil Taylor

Glasses - Glasses Relection, Venice by Loveday Powell

Shoes - What Goes up... by Keith Kemp

Portraits with Hats - Lydia's Shack by Alan Denison

Food - Lemon Drizzle Cake by David Chedgy

On the Beach - Sea Horse by Martin Bax

Triptych - Making a Watercolour by Mary Maynard

Dance - Veiled Dancer by Alan Denison

Street Photography - Street by Barry Hill

Purple - Light Painting by Geoff Eynon

Light & Shadow - Ferrari 250 SWB by David Chedgy

Music - Music Making by Phil Taylor



Prints Section


Curves - Plates by Bill Aven

Unusual Perspectives - The Eiffel Tower by Bill Aven

Pencils - Coloured Pencils by Bill Aven

Glasses - Glasses by Bill Aven

Purple - Iris by Bill Aven