Bill Aven Men-an-Tol 20
Deanne Lewis Lady and the Tramp 20
Huw Alban Allt-Coinneag Falls, top to bottom 19
Craig Morris Floral Art 19
Alison Rowe The Culprit 18
Huw Alban The Essence of Autumn in the Lakes 17
Martin Bax Conductor 17
Barry Hill Late Summer Blooms 17
Alison Rowe Time for Tea 17
Rosemary Arnold Pestles and Mortars 16
Martin Bax Fashion Student 16
Jon Durrant Ready, Steady, Go! 16
Tim Wells Racing is the Name of the Game 16
Tim Wells People of the Underground 16
Bill Aven Three Shells 15
Jon Durrant The Race is On 15
Barry Hill Fallow Deer 15
Margot Witcombe Frome 15
Margot Witcombe Faulkland Lavender Farm 15
Rosemary Arnold witwischia mirabilis: this plant is 1,500 years old 14
Keith  Kemp What Goes Up….. 14
Keith  Kemp Exploration, Anticipation, Realisation… 13
Marilyn McCulloch Ladies in Red 13