DI Unusual Perspectives P Group 23rdMarch
Forename Surname File Name Marks
Loveday Powell Canary Wharf, London 20
Andrew de Mora Underwriters Home 20
Stewart Yeo Birds Eye 19
Loveday Powell Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao 19
Tom Fahey Brewers Stair Case 19
Andrew de Mora Birds Eye View 18
David Chedgy No.9 Beckfords Tower 17
Alan Denison The Roof Of The Teatro Nacional Sao Joao Porto 17
David Chown Air space Bankok Airport 17
Alan Denison The Roof Light And Ceiling of The Library Of Congress, Washington DC 17
David Chown Bankok Airport Arrivals 16
Davina Chedgy Bath Bus Station 16
Bill Collett Big Boots 16
Andrew Washington No Parking 16
David Chedgy Spiral Stair Case 16
Mary Maynard Surely my nose isn't this big 16
Mary Maynard Portishead Slipway 15
Tom Fahey Royal Crescent Bath 15
Phil Taylor Selfie at Hauser and Worth 15
Geoff Eynon Sun Glasses 15
Michael Witcombe Wire Egg Cup 15
Phil Taylor Abbey Church Yard 15
Geoff Eynon All on the Diagonal 15
Andrew Washington Birds Eye View 15
Davina Chedgy Bristol Harbour Flats 15
Stewart Yeo Caught Red Handed 15
Michael Witcombe Element 15
Bill Collett Face 15