DI Unusual Perspectives C Group 23.03.18


Forename Surname Name of Image Marks
Huw Alban Spooky light under Deal pier 20
Bill Aven Eiffel Tower 20
Alison Rowe Guitar 19
Craig Morris Polished Calm 19
Stan Wilson Stairwell Barrington Court 18
Margot Witcombe Big Wheel 18
Huw Alban Bobbing in Plymouth harbour 18
Alison Rowe Cutlery 18
Bill Aven Le Mont St Michel Orb 17
Deanne Lewis Like Clockwork 17
John Bishop Crane your neck 17
Deanne Lewis Fungi, Heaven's Gate 17
Martin Bax Reflections 17
Barry Hill Behind the Wire 16
Martin Bax Boat Hull 16
Lauren Skillman Clifton Suspension Bridge 16
Craig Morris Fragile Edge 16
Tim Wells Grated carrot 16
Barry Hill A La Ronde 16
Rosemary Arnold Date Palms Curving Over Me 16
Tim Wells Hedgehog view 16
Rosemary Arnold A Spot of DIY 15
Keith Kemp Bird Cage 15
Margot Witcombe Fairy Liquid 15
Jon Durrant I Can get Lower than You 15
John Bishop Shard Fly Over 15
Ricky Anderson Speech Bubble 15
Jon Durrant Autumn Leaves Reflection 15
Stan Wilson Bren gun 15
Keith Kemp Early Morning Rising 15
Ricky Anderson There's a hole in my bubble 15