Alan Denison Veiled Dancer 20
Tom Fahey Early Morning 20
Phil Taylor Burnet Moths 20
David Chown The End Game 19
Andrew de Mora Competing in the Rain 19
Loveday Powell Anika 19
Andrew Washington The Hand-off 19
Alan Denison River Douro Sunset 18
Geoff Eynon The Old Boat at Lindisfarne 18
Mary Maynard Erewhon, Maryland 18
David Chedgy Vazz 17
Tom Fahey The Kelpies 17
Mary Maynard Sunset at the Pier 17
Mike Witcombe Decisive Moment 17
David Chedgy Spitfire 16
Andrew de Mora Morning Dew 16
Loveday Powell Venice Skyline 16
Phil Taylor Late Summer Evening 16
Andrew Washington Quantock Chiaroscuro 16
Davina Chedgy Herdwick Sheep 15
Geoff Eynon The Kiss 15
Stewart Yeo Atlantis Space Shuttle 15
Stewart Yeo Seen Better Days 15
Davina Chedgy Over the Jump 14
David Chown The Hidden Lady 14
Mike Witcombe At the Bottom of the Garden 14