Forename Surname Title Points
Steve Lewis Flower Press 20
Deanne Lewis Sunset over Low Lighthouse 20
Tim Wells On the chase 19
Tim Wells Weston pier 19
Huw Alban Blue sky Blea tarn 18
Bill Aven MG JT at Speed 18
Alison Rowe Rose 18
Harvard Dallibar Taking a Break 18
Keith Kemp To the Hills 18
Simon Johnson Walking the Strand 18
Bill Aven Azure Window, Gozo 17
Deanne Lewis Burnham Low Lighthouse 17
Jon Durrant Lucky Raf! 17
Martin Bax Pee-Wee-Ellis 17
Margot Witcombe Rosebud 17
Rosemary Arnold Thirsty lion in morning light 17
John Bishop Wild Macaws 17
Huw Alban A full Derwent water 16
Marilyn McCulloch Autumn Colours 16
Jon Durrant Bath Umbrellas 16
Rosemary Arnold Dancers at the Damara Living Museum 16
John Bishop Mayan Street Vendor 16
Barry Hill Palm House 16
Martin Bax Saxophonist 16
Ricky Anderson Western ways reach Cambodia - Happy Valentine 16
Margot Witcombe Architecture 15
Stan Wilson Beyond the sculpture 15
Harvard Dallibar Chucky the Cat 15
Keith Kemp Double Take 15
Barry Hill Look! 15
Alison Rowe Mad Hatter 15
Ricky Anderson Someone Else's Work 15
Marilyn McCulloch Sunset 15
Simon Johnson Duck under the Bridge 14
Steve Lewis Battlesbury Sunset 13