Forename Surname Title Points
Loveday Powell Millie 20
David Chedgy Spotted Eagle Owl (Bubo africanus) with Prey 20
Andrew Washington About to pounce 19
Alan Denison Dance! 19
David Chedgy Sunset at Southstack Lighthouse, Anglesey 19
Alan Denison Cave and Light Beam 18
David Chown Lantern Fly 18
Mary Maynard Storm Brian-Porthcawl 18
Michael Witcombe Victoria 18
Phil Taylor Got it! 17
Andrew de Mora Kimmeridge Bay Waterfall 17
Geoff Eynon Street Art 17
David Chown The Night Flight of the Stendida 17
Bill Collett Who's eating my apples 17
Loveday Powell Canary Wharf 16
Tom Fahey Horse and Rider Fine 16
Phil Taylor Orchid sunset 16
Mary Maynard Ray's World 16
Andrew de Mora River Brue 16
Michael Witcombe Sophie 16
Tom Fahey St Pauls 16
Davina Chedgy Steam Engine Driver 16
Stewart Yeo High Flyers 15
Davina Chedgy Langdale Pikes 15
Geoff Eynon New severn bridge at dusk 15
Stewart Yeo Pollinator 15
Andrew Washington Two Lions at Night 15
Bill Collett Street Dancers 14