Comp 2 “Curves” 17th November
 Group P
Forename Surname Name of Image Marks
Mary Maynard Beckford Tower Interior 20
Stewart Yeo Prize Onions 20
David Chedgy Sanctuary 19
Bill Collett Curves 19
Tom Fahey Lilly 19
Phil Taylor Natural Curves 19
David Chedgy The Old School Room & Church Hall 18
Andrew de Mora Bridge over River Dart 18
Mary Maynard Making Curves 18
Loveday Powell Red Dahlia 18
Loveday Powell Black & White 18
Tim Beale No1 The Royal Crescent 17
Davina Chedgy The Winding Road 17
Davina Chedgy Lakeland Curves 17
Andrew de Mora Elan Valley 17
Tom Fahey Wave Lines 17
Andrew Washington Underneath the Arches 17
Michael Witcombe Jo Paul 17
Michael Witcombe Natasha 17
Stewart Yeo Wells Cathedral 17
Tim Beale Emma 16
Bill Collett Roof 16
Phil Taylor Somerset Place Bath 16
Andrew Washington Wet Feet 16