Comp 2 “Curves”   17th November
Group C
Forename Surname Name of Image Marks
Huw Alban Underneath the Walkway 20
Bill Aven The Dragon of Longleat 20
Martin Bax Sea Horse 19
Alison Rowe Bridge 19
Ricky Anderson Saintly Santorini 18
Bill Aven Plates 18
Lauren Skillman Hypnotic Hearts 18
Margot Witcombe Roof Curves 18
Georgia Alban Purple Light 17
Deanne Lewis Traffic 17
Steve Lewis Tyne Cot 17
Niki Odolphie Stack of Bands 17
Huw Alban Clumber Park bridge 16
Martin Bax Blue Dress 16
Jon Durrant Kennet & Avon Canal 16
Barry Hill Ship Curves 16
Steve Lewis Camouflage 16
Marilyn McCulloch Wembley 16
Marilyn McCulloch Cockpit 16
Terry Morrow Opera House Roof Sydney 16
Niki Odolphie Roubaix Wheel 16
Tim Wells Bad Hair D7ay 16
Tim Wells Ava's bridge 16
Stan Wilson Sand Dunes Namibia 16
Georgia Alban Body Curve 15
Ricky Anderson Shifting Sands 15
Rosemary Arnold Date Palms Curving Over Me 15
Jon Durrant Spider’s Web 15
Barry Hill Angel Curves 15
Keith Kemp Fast Car 15
Keith Kemp Ornamental Rill 15
Alison Rowe Curved Line 15
Sam Rowe Stairway 15
Lauren Skillman I Spy 15
Rosemary Arnold November Morning 14
Deanne Lewis Lily 14
Terry Morrow Opera House & Harbour Bridge  Sydney 14
Margot Witcombe Patchwork Curved Pieces 14