Tri Battle Subjects 2017



1. In our Gardens

Interpret everyday gardens, not large NT type venues

2. Panoramas / Wide Angles

Not just landscapes!

3. Black and White

No colours here!

4. People at Work

Show characterful people at work

5. Street Art

Graffiti etc.

6. Dereliction and / or Abandoned Buildings

Let’s see some decay

7. In the cemetery

A grave subject! Include anything in a cemetery

8. Close up

Close up or macro

9. Domestic animals

Let’s see your pets at their best!!!

10. Action

Capture the moment

11. Bodies of water

Streams, lakes, waterfalls or large expanse of sea – let’s see your interpretation of water

12. Steam

Anything that includes steam!!!

13. Autumn Colours

Let’s see some glorious autumn pictures

14. Shapes in the Environment

Interpret shapes in both rural and urban landscapes

15. Travel

Where in the world?