The Annual 'Battle' with Warminster was judged by Marko Dutka FWPA, FSWPP

The results were Prints   FWCC 236 WCC 222

The DI's                         FWCC 222 WCC 204

Total                               FWCC 458 WCC 426




Watering hole at Night by Samantha Pitt 16 points

Going Home by Phil Taylor 11 points

The Drab Man by Loveday Powell 17 points

Original Horsepower by Samantha Pitt 18 points

42 Poplar Trees by Bill Aven 18 points

Ready for Work by Bill Aven 17 points

Soft Sale by John Hoskins 14 points

A Dancer Framed by Alan Denison 19 points

Accelerating by Patrick Emery 15 points

Nervion River Crossing by Tom Fahey 17 points


Projected Images


A good old Chinwag by Patrick Emery 13 points

Bottoms up by Tim Wells 10 points

Red Deer Stag Bellowing by Paul Durrant 15 points

Drunken Fisherman by Samantha Pitt 16 points

Greater Collared Sunbird by John Snell 13 points

Greylags Reflecting by Paul Durrant 17 points

Hunstanton Sunset by Bill Aven 15 points

Keep it Straight by Patrick Emery 15 points

Man about Town by John Hoskins 13 points

Roe Deer on the Levels by Paul Durrant 15 points

Sonning Sunrise by Alan Denison 16 points

Couru 2 by Alan Denison 15 points

Remember Me by Samantha Pitt 15 points

Rutting Deer Stag by Patrick Emery 16 points

The Quire, St Davids Cathedral by Alan Denison 18 points