1st Place Holocaust Memorial, Berlin by Ian Pearson 

2nd Place Purbeck in Winter by Rosemary Arnold

3rd Place Giant Kingfisher by John Snell

4th Place It will be harder coming back up by Georgina Jackman

5th Place It's all quiet here by Georgina Jackman

9th Lion in Repose by John Snell


1 Ian Pearson Holocaust Memorial, Berlin
2 Rosemary Arnold Purbeck in Winter
3 John Snell Giant Kingfisher
4 Georgina Jackman It will be harder coming back up.
5 Georgina Jackman It's all quiet here.
6 Robin Ashworth Goodbye
7 Robin Ashworth Tracy
8 Stan Wilson Still Life
9 John Snell Lion in Repose
10 Rosemary Arnold Paris, Bir-Hakeim Bridge