2nd Pozo Takes a Break by Tim Beale


4th Mr Selfie by Jon Durrant


5th  Halfpenny Bridge by John Hoskins


6th  Spring Tide, Porthcawl by John Hoskins

7th Chloe by Mike Witcombe

8th Harris Hawk with Prey by Margot Witcombe

10th Westbury Cement Works, September 2016 by Bill Aven




1 Brian Sawyer Kirsty's Candle
2 Tim Beale Pozo Takes a Break
3 Alison Rowe Engineers' Restroom
4 Jon Durrant Mr Selfie
5 John Hoskins Halfpenny Bridge
6 John Hoskins Spring Tide, Porthcawl
7 Mike Whitcombe Chloë
8 Margot Whitcombe Harris Hawk and Prey
9 Stewart Yeo Awakening
10 Bill Aven Westbury Cement Works