2018 Tri Battle


Just a reminder: The forthcoming Tri-Battle is our last Battle of the
season as well as being a home match and we need lots of images - One
digital image and one print please (different images) in the following
15 categories: Curves, Unusual perspectives, Happiness, Pencils,
Glasses, Shoes, Portraits with hats, Food, On the beach, Triptych,
Dance, Street, Purple, Light and Shadow, Music. Do what you can. I
doubt if anyone will manage to fill all categories though you might
like to accept that as a separate challenge!

Digital images to fwccbattles@gmail.com to be to the usual club
competition requirements i.e. jpg format, using  sRGB colour space
with those in Portrait format no greater than 1050 pixels high and the
Landscapes no more than 1400 pixels wide and 1050 pixels high. A
resolution of 72ppi is fine for projection but you usually need 300ppi
for printing.

The title of image and photographer’s name only under each digital
image please and printed images mounted on 400mm x 500mm board with no
text on the front and image title and photographer’s name only on the

Friday 20th April is the deadline for submissions so you had better
get cracking!