Please note the Image Size


Members of all abilities are invited to submit up to 4 digital images by 5th December to fwccbattles@gmail.comto be selected for the Club’s entry for the Western Counties Photographic Federation’s 2018 Digitally Projected Inter-Club Competition (DIPIC).


This is an Open Competition (i.e. non-themed) and the rather specific rules are laid out below but please note the image size which differs from that of our club internal competitions with regard to both pixels and Mbs:


 General Rules

 All entrants must be members of a club affiliated to the WCPF for which affiliated fees have been paid.

 It is the entrant's responsibility to ensure that the club’s contact details are kept up to date.

 Each Club is required to enter 18 images with no more than four images from one photographer and no more than five nature images. For Nature Definition see WCPF website.

 A photographer cannot represent more than one club.

 Images (or near duplicates) previously entered in DPIC competitions are not eligible.

 In all cases, the original image(s) must have been taken using a photographic process and be the sole copyright of the entrant.

 Any modification of the original image must be made by the photographer or under his/her personal direction.

 The use of clip-art, downloaded textures or overlays, or elements from any other photographer's images is not permitted.

 The Organisers reserve the right to reproduce any entry (without fee) in connection with the competition (e.g. for the catalogue and WCPF website).

 The Organisers reserve the right to reject any image which does not meet the entry criteria or if it is deemed offensive to a wider public audience.

 Entrants must be able to supply, if requested, either: the original RAW file; an untouched camera JPEG; a motor drive sequence of images surrounding the entered image; the original transparency; or the original negative.

 All entries are accepted in good faith. The entrant agrees to indemnify the Judges, Organisers, and other related parties against any litigation that may arise if entered images do not have the necessary permission to be published in an electronic catalogue, any DPIC related documents or on any website associated with the competition.

 Copyright remains with the photographer. 


 Submission of entries will be taken as acceptance of all conditions.


Image Preparation Guidance

 The images will be projected using a high quality digital projector which has a displayable image area of 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high.

 Images that are smaller than 1600x1200 pixels will not be enlarged but will be surrounded by black when projected.

 Only JPG images will be accepted. sRGB colour space will be assumed and it is strongly recommended that images should have been converted to sRGB, otherwise the Judges will probably not see the same colours that you do.

 Image files submitted may have any name, with the proviso that the file must be a valid JPG file with the file name suffix '.jpg'. Please note that each image file to be uploaded must be no larger than 3Mb

 Image titles will be read out to the Judges, and will appear in the catalogue and on the results web pages. Maximum length of image title is 35 character including spaces.