Invitation for Calne MultiClub Images

Members are invited to submit up to 5 digital images to be selected for the Calne Camera Club Annual MultiClub Digital Image Photography Battle.  Photographers of all levels of experience are encouraged to enter and all images will be considered for the club’s selection of their permitted 8 individual entries. Members may only enter their images on behalf of one Club

Please send your images for selection no later than 2400 on 27th October to They should be in the same format as for our club competitions i.e. in small jpeg format but in sRGB at 300dpi. Landscape formats should be no more than 1400 pixels wide x 1050 high and portrait formats should be no larger than 1050 pixels high. These will be about 1 MB in size.

If in any doubt, check our club website:> Competitions > Competitions Rules > Digital Images. Help is also available with resizing:> Info > Instructions on resizing your digital images.

NameImage files in order of preference (01 or 02) followed by a space then a short title, finishing with underscore _ and the photographer’s name:                                   e.g. 01 The Beginning_Harry Bloggs        02 The End_Harry Bloggs